This blog finally has an RSS feed (and other updates)

Posted: 2021-04-18 16:39:27 |
Last update: 2021-04-18 16:39:27


Yay, I've finally gotten around to adding an RSS feed.
I've only been meaning to do this since... I started this project in December of 2019.
That's at least two centuries ago, at least sometimes it feels like it.

RSS is actually incredibly easy to add to a blog, it only took a couple of lines of code, and two more tiny commits to fix things I missed while being happy about how easy it was to implement.
But yeah, if you've wanted to have an easier way to be notified whenever I post something new, here you go :)

Other updates (the not so happy part)

It's already been two weeks since I held two talks where I told people to check out this blog for slides and further reading.
As you can see on the "Recent Posts" sidebar element, I haven't gotten around to writing anything about that yet.
I did upload the slides to pretalx, so I hope whoever was interested in those can find them.

The fact that I haven't written anything so far has a reason.
I keep thinking that considering the whole situation the world is in right now, I am coping rather well.
To be honest, I am not.
I manage to do my paid work 4 days a week (which is a huge privilege) but not much else.

CN for everything, I guess..

There is still a pandemic going on. The government I live under keeps fucking up their response to it royally, prolonging it again and again.
Literal fascists hold huge, violent marches every single week, without wearing masks and without anyone in power doing anything about it.
Multiple states in the US are pushing out laws with the singular purpose of killing as many trans people as they can.
These laws already have the effect of pushing the discourse in other places further to the extreme right.
There is not a single day without new incidences of extreme police brutality against black people who go out on the streets to protest the fact that a traffic stop often means a death sentence to them.
And I don't see how any of this is going to change any time soon.

This is not a political blog,
which is on purpose.
(Partially because German law says everyone who runs a political blog has to dox themselves)
But I can't pretend everything is okay
when nothing is.

I am not coping too well right now and if you've been looking forwards to something I announced I'd do/ publish/ whatever, I am sorry but this is the reason.
Things are going to get better, they always seem to at least for me.
I have people (and meds) which help me.
This won't be my last post, I promise. (Implementing a feed would be quite a waste of time otherwise)
Just bear with me for now.