Building (less in-) accessible web sites - rC3 talk slides

Posted: 2020-12-27 18:48:22 |
Last update: 2021-07-30 19:43:48

I've uploaded the slides to Google Docs.
The is also a recording is available.
(And I am impressed by how quickly it was made available. Props to the angels who made this happen.)

I once again apologize for the bad audio quality and cutoffs; when/ if I hold my next remote talk I will use a better microphone and have a backup ready in case it fails again.
Hopefully we'll be able to safely attend in-person events again soon and this will be less of an issue.

During the talk my headset died and that made me a lot more nervous than I would've been otherwise.
However, others have told me that it apparently did not show too much.

If you want to hear a bit more on semantic HTML, I cannot recommend the talk "How to Make Loveliness" by Bruce Lawson enough.
He held it multiple times at different conferences and not every version is the same. The IPC 2019 recording is longer than others and also includes a demo of how a screen reader works.

To learn more about aria Attributes, this blog post by Gez Lemon from 2008 is still a great read, even 12 years later.
This MDN page is also a good place to start for that.

I wanted to write a bit more but I thought that getting the slides published as soon as possible was more important so maybe I'll publish a follow-up post soon.
Hopefully I'll be able to fix some accessibility issues on this blog and combine it with a writeup on that during the conference.